Inventory errors costing you money? Automate error resolution today!

Inventory Errors cost companies money. A LOT of money!

Recently, a new client of ours lost $25,000 from a single inventory error that prevented the shipment of 500 orders, and that amount doesn’t include the cost of compensating the employees who had to resolve the error. In fact, their fulfillment system presented nearly 500-20,000 shipment errors per day.

After integrating our middleware solution with built-in error detection and resolution services, their inventory allocation process now ensures accurate inventory counts between their systems, eliminating & preventing this incredible backlog of errors.

The common and pervasive instance of inventory allocation error threatens thousands of companies in the $9 billion industry of order fulfillment. Manual data entry, often the culprit of such errors, can cost these companies millions of dollars in error resolution and restitution. offers an alternative with three main features that allow companies to integrate, automate and celebrate a more efficient business.

  1. Detects errors immediately with built-in error detection services. Receive real-time alerts immediately -based on live data- to prompt error resolution.
  2. Performs detailed actions that you predefine, reducing the need for manual intervention. Specify your unique resolution processes that we execute automatically, relieving the demand on your internal IT team.
  3. Prevents error progression with an accurate and reliable flow of data. Enjoy fewer errors and faster error resolution, leading to more satisfied customers.

Ready to reduce the impact of inventory allocation errors with an efficient error resolution system? Great! Fill out the contact form so we can fill you in a bit more on InstaLink’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

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